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Host a traveler, a little, a lot...

… passionately or not at all. By becoming a host you will receive messages from solo travelers coming from all around the world who want to meet you and know your environment, your city or your village. You may suspend your host profile and reactivate it later with one click at any moment.

Become a host

Who are our solo travelers ?

Our travelers are women who travel solo by choice but always with this need to go. To be released from a life that may not enable them to blossom. Going to find themselves alone out of their comfort zone. To seek this freedom won by men and refused to women for a long time. Our travelers know that traveling solo allows, beyond a touristic trip, an inner journey, the rediscovery of oneself. Indeed, traveling solo helps us to connect with ourselves and with other people more easily. Some of our travelers use this site for their first trips because it limits the risk that they cancel their travel plans and because it reassures their friends and family. A real emancipation program!

Why would you become a host ?

Why would you become a host ?

You are a woman, you live alone, with a partner or your family, you may not feel the need to travel solo to discover the world on your own, but you understand that other women do and you want to support them. In exchange of the accommodation that you may graciously provide to them, you will make encounters and become a guide to them during their stay, you will also travel by procuration and you may later have the same desire to travel on your own, too. Everytime you will host a solo female traveler, you will participate to the emancipation of women.

From registration to hosting

To become a host, you have to register as a member first. Then the links that invite you to become a host will bring you to the next step and will guide you to the finale validation.

Once the registration as a member is done, you will follow the steps to become a host. Once you will have completed the steps, your profile will be submitted to validation to our moderators. The delay of validation depends on the capacity of our moderators to contact you by phone.

Once your profile is submitted to validation, the moderation team verify several points on your profile, talk to you on phone and bring a personal touch to your profile to tell more about you to the travelers.

Once your hosting profile has been validated, it is visible on the website. The travelers can contact you and discuss with you about the dates of her stay in your house. Find an agreement and do not forget any detail, the encounter will be even more pleasant.

We will pamper you

Our hosts are precious. Their collective action participate to the liberation of women. We are aware that they open graciously their door. This is why, thoughout the entire experience, we emphasize the hosts, impulse human values beyond the simple generous gesture, encourage the exchanges and make the community feel concerned. The hosts teach us a lot and often impress us by their motivation and their enthusiasm. We try to send this energy back to them by taking every call and every message to heart and make sure that the community of La Voyageuse corresponds to them.

"A beautiful encounter with Bérénice, with whom there was an immediate connection!"

What is La Voyageuse?

What is La Voyageuse?

La Voyageuse is a website which belongs to the company of the same name that was created in 2019 by Christina Boixière, a great traveler and Taiwanese who has been in France for 4 years. During her trips, Christina identified what stopped women from traveling solo. So she gave up her position as a commercial director to create La Voyageuse with her husband, Derek, a solo traveler too. Together, they feel invested in a mission: giving to women new horizons thanks to travel.

Valuable profiles

As a host, you will have to personalize your profile and help the travelers to learn more about you and your environment:

- an ambiant picture chosen among a series illustrates each profile. The buttons colour fits with the choice of the picture.

- the name of the city appears and helps to locate globally and rapidly the host from the index. The host are not located precisely for security reasons.

- action buttons allow you to send a message, publish a comment or announce a trip. There are icons that guide the travelers about the actions to make.

- on the profile, a personalized description, an approximate location and the comments you receive help the person who consults your profile to know a little more about you

- the text that the moderator writes after she called the host proves the identity verification and the host's motivations. It adds an additional personal touch.

Common questions

Become a host