Impressions from Japan

Written by I.K.F.P
– A traveler

“It’s something else to experience a country and a people first hand.”


It’s raining in Tokyo
There was a flood north of Tokyo so my mother called

There was a panic attack in a room in Kyoto

There is a man in a plastic raincoat, dirty pants, white surgical mask and a rainbow-coloured
umbrella, holding a sign directing you to the nearest Mac Donald’s

There were six sexy teen idols being guided into a cap
Can you see their panties?

There is mature adult porn!

There are lunch breaks!
They go to the nearest convenient store to study manga porn,
Snacking inari-sushi and ice-coffee


There was a girl being whipped, screaming in pain for her pleasure
For my complete confusion

There is polite violence

The girl is still, but she also was

There is a half circle of old men!
Dirty old men?

There are high plateau shoes
There was a pair of high wet plateau shoes crossing my view in the rain
Swup! Swup!

There is
There is S.U.M.A.M.I.S.E.N

There is a fat trace of money, a shiny trail following after me
There is no money as usual
It was also happening in Amsterdam
Ending up eating rucola-salad from the dirty beaches
Ending up bathing in the dirty water of the rivers
Finding pleasure also in this

There was and there is pleasure.


You didn’t find yourself
‘Saihoji Temple’ lush in between busy streets, camellia flowers, lime, pomegranate trees. A green
that surrounds you. Temple mother and father smiling eternally, generously, no doubt about it. You
and the young monk, drinking black coffee and talking about death. Laughing.
Casually lost in the temple corridors, that’s it. You didn’t find yourself but the toilet is next to the
kitchen, that’s over there.


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