By Maryse B.

Keep traveling solo after a breakup during a around-the-world trip – a great way to reconnect with yourself.

In September 2009, I went on a nine-month trip around the world with my companion of the time with whom I had been for eight years. The project was cherished for several months. Each of us had saved close to $ 25,000 from the previous year, saving from everywhere we could: no restaurant, zero unnecessary purchases, cutting our own hair by ourselves, going everywhere by bike or by foot … I was amazed at the time of all possible areas of savings, but also hit by the overconsumption that I had gotten used to.

In September 2009, after quitting my job and subletting our home, and after a series of goodbyes, we set out on a nine-month adventure around the world. One-way ticket, with the spontaneity planned for the next, according to what looks like a plan … This plan would change quickly. Beyond this desire to leave, to discover the world and to destabilize, hid in particular a dream that separated us: I imagined having our own children when we return, not him. I was going to turn 30 years old during this trip (last day, I remember, at Taj Mahal). We could no longer avoid this decision because our positions were final.

Yes, ladies, during this 9 month trip, I went through the whole range of emotion. Intensity, crying, denial, resignation, frustration, forgiveness. Over these 9 months, we have traveled 2 weeks in love, two months in separation, two months as friends and 4 months each on his/ her own separate ways, in solos.

Never has it been my intention to return to Quebec alone after the effective separation of our paths. This trip was actually my dream. This separation was for me the opportunity to jump onto a solo trip. I admit that I often felt like diving, as if I had to constantly overtake myself, breathe and go for it. I had lost my best friend, my life partner, and it hurt, both in my heart and I have to say, in pride.

We had a blog, so the news had to be announced. Not very glorious after so much praise … I felt then destined to reconnect with myself during this trip, with whom I am, with what animates me, with my intuition, with the opening to others, with those who inspire me. On this road, I met friendly, compassionate and generous people. I also met many guardian angels, women and men, who accompanied some of my steps, without necessarily knowing how much they relieved part of my pain and became important parts of my reconstruction.

We are never alone in the world! Traveling alone, in this intense context, in this spirit of receptivity and resilience, has been for me one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

After my return to Quebec, I spent several months recreating a life that looked like me. I left the following year alone in Peru, and it is there when I met the man of my life (himself a globetrotter), with whom I live in France today. He gave me the most wonderful little girls.

Follow your dreams, your instincts, stay true to yourself and open yourself to the world. It’s amazing what he has to offer and what can be brought to him. Do not doubt: everything will be fine!

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