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Why is La Voyageuse dedicated for women ONLY?

Trust us, we understand your frustration, and La Voyageuse is made for women only is NOT because we don’t like men, nor are we trying to separate the world into two. No, not at all. We all have had good and bad experiences during our travel with people, men and women.

The reasons why:br

(1). There are already a lot of choices when it comes to individual accommodation platform dedicated to men and women, yet, none of these are dedicated for women only. That’s why La Voyageuse is created to offer an alternative choice for women who wish to be hosted by women only, and it’s for everyone who believes in the need of a safer environment for women.

(2). We want to encourage more women to travel solo. We think that as long as you are cautious, being female shouldn’t stop you from seeing any country in the world. We’ve heard of lots of stories of women who have backpacked through India, hitchhiked around Afghanistan and explored other places alone where women aren’t treated like equals, and/ or often sexually harassed.
However, the harsh truth is that, we have to acknowledge that travel works differently for women. Women have to deal with sexual harassment and personal safety issues much more frequently than men do. Women don’t even have basic human rights in some cultures. Having said that, we are aware that men may have to deal with these issues under certain circumstances. Yet, women are undeniably more easily exposed to these issues than men are.

As a woman, why should I host a solo female traveler?

First of all, because it’s fun!
You will learn about another culture, better yet, you will share your culture with your guest, so she will go back to her country to tell stories about what an amazing person you are! You will host a woman who can inspire you with her stories, she might be someone extraordinary, she might change the way you see the world, she might even become your friend for the rest of your life!

Secondof all, because they are looking for you!
Fear about security is the top reason that stops women from traveling alone. By offering her a safe place to stay, you help a woman to realize her dream.

Thirdof all, because you believe in gender equality!

Why women should be a stay at home moms? Why woman should be seen as the weaker gender? By hosting a female traveler, you help by supporting the idea that women are just as courageous and as adventurous, as men can be.

If I live with a man (my husband/ boyfriend...), I can’t host anyone with La Voyageuse?

Sure you can, as long as you are present in the house to welcome her as a host. You are the one who is responsible of her wellbeings in your place! The idea is that a female traveler will feel more comfortable with the presence of another woman.

What about security? What makes La Voyageuse the safest?

La Voyageuse aims to create the safest accommodation services between female travelers. To achieve this, we would like to present our 4-step profile verification process for both hosts and guests:

  • Step 1: E-mail Verification
    To become a new member, firstly, you will be asked to provide a valid e-mail address. We will send you a link for you to confirm your email address. Once confirmed, you will be able to create your profile. You can either choose to create your profile or use social login (Facebook, Twitter, or Google+) which automatically retrieves data from your social media profiles which saves you time on the registration. Once registered, you can login normally or use the linked social network to login.
  • Step 2: Photo ID Scan
    Once profile is created, you will be asked to scan a photo ID card on-line. The name provided on the scanned photo ID card must match the name provided in you profile for verification to succeed.
  • Step 3: Phone Interview
    Our local ambassadors will get in touch with you to schedule a short phone call. The purpose of the call is to ensure the provided information (including personal contact information and profile details) is authentic. This also helps us understand better new members’ motivations and expectations in order to screen out those who are not appropriate for such service.
  • Step 4: Home Address
    Upon completing above 3 steps, our administration team will mail out a postcard to you with a personal verification code to verify your home address. Upon receipt of the postcard, you will need to insert the personal verification code on your profile in order to change the profile status to “fully verified”. If you cannot complete the full verification process at once, your profiles will be marked with the actual stage you are at. For example: if you have only verified your photo ID, your profile status will be shown as “Photo ID verified”. An incomplete/ not fully verified profile does not mean a member cannot use the services. However, it is strongly suggested that a member goes through the 4-step verification process to gain the maximum credibility of her profile, also maximum benefits of the services. Trust needs to be established mutually. Therefore, members who are fully verified have more opportunities to have their requested answered than those who are not.
What is the philosophy of La Voyageuse? What message are you trying to send to the world?

We are glad you asked. Our philosophy is what we believe in strongly:
La Voyageuse promotes gender equality – that all women, just like all men in the world, are able to enjoy the freedom they deserve when they decide to travel solo.
La Voyageuse is about uniting women together.

I’m a man, is there any way I can join La Voyageuse to support gender equality?

Yes, totally! La Voyageuse also welcomes all men to support us and to build a trusted network for women you love and care.

Those women can be your girlfriend, your spouse, your daughter, your mother, your sister, your cousin, your colleague, your BFF, your neighbor… So, how you can support us? Just talk about us and share this website!

I’m not a solo traveler as I travel with my kid. Can I use La Voyageuse as a guest?

Yes, certainly. However, you will need to ask your hosts before you make a request to stay with her. As long as she is OK with it, it’s fine with us. However, as a respectful guest, you’re responsible for your kid.

Will it be free?

For hosts, it’s absolutely free. For travelers, it’s definitely affordable.

ONLY TRAVELERS LOOKING TO BE HOSTED need to pay an ANNUAL fee in order to send UNLIMITED requests to our verified hosts. This fee is necessary to support the safety verification process, the maintenance of the website and the team. Additionally, we will donate half of our profits to associations which support gender equality.

So think about this, what is 119€ in a budget of your trip? What’s more – you can stay in as many SAFE places as you can during one year, and you can meet amazing local hosts. The best part yet is, by paying the fee, you also help us support gender equality and make this world a better place!