If you can dream it

you can do it


You’re a woman and… you wish to explore the world, alone ? You have the desire to just pack your bags and leave. Taste the freedom.
Take some time away just for yourself. Meet locals, share their lives, and discover yourself.
But maybe you are thinking : “Isn’t it dangerous? Won’t I feel lonely? What about language barrier? My husband/ boyfriend might not like it…”

Come on girls! THE WORLD IS YOURS TOO!
We believe all female solo travelers should be able to travel in all places where solo male travelers go. Therefore, our goal is to build a trusted community among women, especially solo female travelers or wannabes, and to grow this community into a worldwide trust circle, through which you can feel free to discover places and be hosted by other like-minded local women, find first-hand information on all places, exchange talents… make this world more ‘’female friendly’’!


Our society is changing, there’s a raise of gender equality, and more and more women, regardless of their ages, cultural background or marital status, are or would like to travel solo. It’s not only a desire, but also a strong need for self-awareness and freedom. Based on World Tourism Organisation in 2017, the total number of solo female travelers reached 116 millions, which almost doubled between 2014 and 2016. Yet, 40% of them feel security issue is their first concern. However, there has not yet any platform to help reduce this concern…

… Until La Voyageuse!

Women aren’t looking for the gender stereotypes that are often marketed to them.